Remake title sequence of one of my favorite movie “Requiem for a dream”.

Why TV&Pills?

TV in this movie is an important element that connects characters. In the beginning of the movie, Harry took his mom's TV again so that he can get money to buy heroin.

As for Harry's mom Sara Goldfarb, She fills the void left by her husband's death with food and daytime TV, when she's not socializing with the women in her apartment block. Then she receives a call offering her a slot on a TV show, giving her a chance to be "somebody". In order to fit into the red dress she wore to her son’s graduation, she starts a routine of diet pills – strong amphetamines – which lead her from the comfort of her sofa to a psychiatric hospital, and the horrors of electroconvulsive therapy.


Pills R&D

Purple in the morning.

Blue in the afternoon.

Orange in the evening.

And green at night.